PledgeStar Pricing

PledgeStar has no upfront costs. After the event, we send an invoice in the amount of 7% of donations received through the website, whether made by credit card or check, up to a maximum of $695. There are no fees for donations received outside of PledgeStar.

The credit card processor deducts 30 cents per transaction plus 2.2% of the transaction amount for Visa, MasterCard and Discover, and 3.5% for American Express. These fees do not apply for donations made by check.

New PledgeStar Plus

PledgeStar Plus adds additional features to PledgeStar, including the the option to import address book contacts, send pledge requests by text and collect participant shirt sizes. The pricing is still 7%, but the maximum fee is $995.

The new address book import feature allows your participants to solicit donations by selecting contacts from their Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL contact lists. This makes it more likely that your participants will invite people they otherwise might have forgotten.

The new pledge request texting feature allows your participants to specify a mobile number and/or an email address to use when delivering a pledge request. This allows your participants to invite people by text message when they don't have their email address, increasing their reach to more potential donors.

The new shirt sizing feature allows your participants to enter their shirt size when signing up and includes the sizes of participants in prize reports, reducing the time and effort needed to order shirts for your participants.