Sep 08

Supercharge School Fundraising with PledgeStar

Now that school’s begun, it’s time to get serious about fundraising, and PledgeStar is the simplest, least expensive, and most effective way to squeeze every last dollar from your Jog-A-Thon, Walk-A-Thon, Read-A-Thon, or any other pledge drive.

PledgeStar is an online fundraising system that helps raise 50% more from your group’s pledge drive by making it fun and easy to ask family and friends for donations.

PledgeStar supports:

  • Flat and repetition based pledges (per lap, per hour, etc.)
  • Payment by check or credit card
  • Offline pledge packet donations

How it Works

  • PledgeStar creates a website for your group, and facilitates the creation of a merchant account into which your donations get deposited. PledgeStar never handles your money.
  • You instruct your participants to use PledgeStar to enter family and friends from whom they’d like to solicit donations. They may also share the fundraiser on social media.
  • PledgeStar emails or texts those family and friends a personalized pledge request with a link to a fundraising page designed specifically for them. Your participants can track the status of each pledge request through PledgeStar.
  • The fundraising page allows family and friends to enter a donation amount and choose whether to pay securely using credit card, or optionally, by sending a check.
  • After completing their donation, the money gets deposited directly into your group’s merchant account. PledgeStar then emails a personalized thank you message with a donation receipt attached, as well as a payment notification to the participant.
  • You may track your fundraiser’s progress in real-time with PledgeStar’s event overview dashboard and reports.

Introducing PledgeStar Plus

Reach even more potential donors with PledgeStar Plus’ address book import feature which allows your participants to solicit donations by selecting contacts from their Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL contact lists. This makes it more likely that your participants will invite people they otherwise might have forgotten.

Unleash the power of text messaging with PledgeStar Plus’ pledge request texting feature. Now, your participants can invite people by text message when they don’t have their email address, increasing their reach to more potential donors.

Simplify shirt ordering with PledgeStar Plus which allows participants to enter their shirt size during registration. Each participant’s shirt size then appears on the prize report making it easy to know how many of each size to order.

Pricing and Credit Card Processing Fees

After your event, PledgeStar sends you an invoice for 7% of online donations received, capped at $995.

The credit card processor deducts 30 cents per transaction plus 2.2% of the transaction amount for Visa, MasterCard and Discover, and 3.5% for American Express. Of course, these fees do not apply for donations made by check.

Getting Started

Take your pledge drive to the next level. Call (949) 258-9706 or email