Dec 22

Helping you work less and raise more!

PledgeStar is always looking for ways to improve your fundraising experience, so you can work less and raise more. That’s why we tested two new innovative features this fall: text message pledge requests, and online address book importing. The results are in and we’re excited to report that over 100 schools raised 15% more than they would have without the new features.

These new features help schools raise more money by making it even easier to reach out to family and friends. Don’t have someone’s email address? Input their cellphone number and PledgeStar texts them a pledge request instead. Hate the hassle of manually typing email addresses or mobile numbers? Just select your family and friends from your online address book and PledgeStar takes care of the rest.

After crunching the numbers and interviewing parents and volunteers who used the new features, we realized that it would be crazy not to include them for all of our customers going forward. So, the text message pledge request and online address book importing features are now included with PledgeStar.

To cover the increased costs associated with the new features, we had to increase the fee cap associated with the PledgeStar system by $300. The percentage fee remains 7% of funds received online, but will now cap out at $995 instead of $695. We’re so confident these new features will help raise more money, we’ll waive the additional fee if they don’t.

We appreciate you choosing PledgeStar for your school’s fundraising needs. If you have any questions or comments about the new features, feel free to give us a call at (949)258-9706 or email us at

Work less and raise more. It’s that simple.