Dec 22

Oregon Youth Sports Leagues Raise Thousands With PledgeStar

By utilizing PledgeStar to reach out to more friends and family, the Sunset Youth Football and Baseball leagues of Portland, Oregon raised tens of thousands of dollars.

It all started when SYFL Coach Frank Krause was made aware of the PledgeStar system by a friend who had used it successfully at his school’s Jog-a-Thon. Krause decided to give PledgeStar a shot for his league’s annual fundraiser.

The fundraiser put on by Krause and the league allowed families and friends to donate a flat pledge or per yard amount. Ultimately, the event raised $15,000, more than triple the amount raised in years past.

“It’s a more logical way to reach out to people than sending out letters,” explained

Krause applauded PledgeStar’s customer service, explaining, “They did a lot of the work for us. It was really great.” In addition, he praised PledgeStar’s ease of use in setting up, carrying out, and analyzing the success of the event.

After the success of the fundraiser, Sunset Apollo Youth Baseball league treasurer Brooks Newsom took notice. He hired PledgeStar for the league’s Pitch & Hit fundraiser that aimed to reduce league registration fees. “Without our Pitch & Hit fundraiser, our registration fees would double,” recalled Newsom.

The Pitch & Hit event achieved the same success as the football league’s fundraiser, raising over $14,000. Newsom credited the success of the fundraiser to PledgeStar, citing the service’s reporting and tracking functions as timesaving, helpful features.

“PledgeStar is an outstanding fundraising tool. It just works,” concluded Newsom.