Jan 24

Happy New Year From PledgeStar!

Last year, 745 schools and other organizations who added the PledgeStar online fundraising system to their pledge drives raised over $20 million. That’s 50% more than they raised before adding PledgeStar! Why not raise 50% more for your school or group?

Thanks to feedback provided by PledgeStar customers in our post-event survey, we’ve added several new features to make PledgeStar even better this year.

PledgeStar’s new text message pledge requests and online contact list importing features have led to a 15% average increase in donations by allowing your participants to reach even more family and friends.

Many customers indicated an interest in purchasing shirts for their events, so we partnered with RPM Print House to provide our customers with high quality shirts and service, at unbeatable prices. Additionally, PledgeStar now collects shirt sizes during family registration, so ordering shirts is quick and easy.

Customers who host Read-A-Thons will love our new online Reading Log which allows families to input their time spent reading without the hassle of paper logs.

Finally, we’ve added additional prize reporting and administrative tools to make event accounting even easier.

PledgeStar is always innovating to help you work less and raise more. We value your trust and look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond.