“Thanks to PledgeStar, we raised $16,000 more than we did last year!”


November 1, 2019

Volunteer Librarian Uses PledgeStar to Buy Books for Her School

At Sherwood Charter Elementary School south of Portland, Oregon, a volunteer librarian was finally able to purchase new books for her students by organizing a PledgeStar read-a-thon. Parent volunteer Shannon Burns has worked in the school’s library for about two years when she had the idea. She was attending a PTA meeting when she heard…

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October 1, 2019

Melrose Stars Reach for the Moon and Double their Money At Annual Jog-a-Thon!

On Melrose Avenue in the heart of Los Angeles, California, a unique school with a diverse population managed to do something extraordinary at its annual jog-a-thon this year. In February of 2019, the Melrose Elementary Stars, as they are called, raised over $68,000 at their jog-a-thon, more than doubling their earnings from 2017. The school…

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September 1, 2019

Oceanside Elementary School Quadruples its Earnings in One Year Using PledgeStar; Adds $8,000 more in Second Year

South Oceanside Elementary school, or South O’, as the locals call it, brought in a record-breaking $22,000 this year at their annual jog-a-thon, surpassing last year’s dollar amount by $8,000 and increasing their 2017 average by almost seven times! Before the addition of PledgeStar’s online fundraising platform, the jog-a-thon at South O’ used to bring…

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August 1, 2019

Sunset View Elementary continually increases earnings with the help of PledgeStar!

Every year since they began using PledgeStar, students at Sunset View Elementary school in Point Loma, California, have seen their earnings increase. The 2019 annual jog-a-thon at Sunset View raised more money than students, teachers, and parents volunteers expected thanks to PledgeStar and several dedicated volunteers. The event had historically brought in about $40,000 before…

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May 1, 2019

Los Angeles Elementary School Booster Club Uses PledgeStar, Dance Party and Teacher Prizes to Double Their Walk-a-Thon Earnings!

The Friends of Third Booster Club in Los Angeles held its second annual walk-a-thon and, with PledgeStar’s help, far exceeded its ambitious goal of $50,000 by $18,000 for a total of $68,000! They accomplished this by using creative and fun incentives for both the students and teachers. Booster club president, Patricia Alexander, thought that such…

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March 7, 2019

Deer Run Elementary learns valuable fundraising lessons with the help of PledgeStar!

The 2018 annual fundraiser at Deer Run Elementary school raised more money than students, teachers, and parent volunteers ever expected thanks to PledgeStar and some calculated planning. Parent volunteer Lauren Heft had her first experience with PledgeStar and organizing a fundraising event in 2017 for her school’s “Deer Run Run-A-Thon”. She was pleasantly surprised when…

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