“Thanks to PledgeStar, we raised $16,000 more than we did last year!”


May 1, 2019

Los Angeles Elementary School Booster Club Uses PledgeStar, Dance Party and Teacher Prizes to Double Their Walk-a-Thon Earnings!

The Friends of Third Booster Club in Los Angeles held its second annual walk-a-thon and, with PledgeStar’s help, far exceeded its ambitious goal of $50,000 by $18,000 for a total of $68,000! They accomplished this by using creative and fun incentives for both the students and teachers. Booster club president, Patricia Alexander, thought that such…

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March 7, 2019

Deer Run Elementary learns valuable fundraising lessons with the help of PledgeStar!

The 2018 annual fundraiser at Deer Run Elementary school raised more money than students, teachers, and parent volunteers ever expected thanks to PledgeStar and some calculated planning. Parent volunteer Lauren Heft had her first experience with PledgeStar and organizing a fundraising event in 2017 for her school’s “Deer Run Run-A-Thon”. She was pleasantly surprised when…

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February 7, 2019

Primrose Hill Elementary School Quadruples Their Earnings After Switching to PledgeStar!

PTO member Kristen Van Hull had one goal in mind when volunteering to run Primrose Hill Elementary School’s Jog-A-Thon for her fourth year, raise more than ever in order to fund a new playground. In the past, Van Hull worked exceptionally hard to organize an event that was both fun and raised money for the school, however the school’s proceeds never exceeded $3,500. In order to reach her goal, she knew she had to do something different, so Van Hull took to the internet to research the best online fundraising platforms out there.

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February 7, 2019

Welcome in the new year with PledgeStar!

If you’ve been thinking about using an online fundraising system for your Jog-A-Thon, Walk-A-Thon, Read-A-Thon or other pledge drive, take a look at our 2018 fundraising statistics to see why you should consider using PledgeStar:

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November 6, 2018

Math-A-Thon Equals Success for Tucson Elementary School!

Making math fun for kids can be challenging, but Ventana Vista Elementary School recently figured out a way to get kids excited about learning AND raise money for their school at the same time. Every year, the school holds a fun and educational Math-A-Thon during regular class hours. Students are given a packet geared toward their math level and challenged to solve as many equations as possible before their time is up. Packets are then graded and students collect money from family and friends according to the number of problems they answered correctly.

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October 10, 2018

Eagle Hills Soars Even Higher Using PledgeStar!

When parent volunteer Amy Crookston noticed a PledgeStar online fundraising sign hanging at a neighboring elementary school, she thought it might be something interesting to look into for her own kids’ school. She contacted PTO members for their experiences with the company. One year later, when when she added PledgeStar and their Walk-A-Thon doubled the amount of money it had raised in the past, she was glad she did.

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