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High School Sports Teams & Groups

PledgeStar’s online fundraising system is perfect for high school sports teams, marching bands, and other clubs or programs in need of fundraising dollars.

PledgeStar supports Lift-a-Thons, Home Run Derbies, Hoop-a-Thons, Goal-a-Thons, and just about any other event you can dream up. PledgeStar works great for simple pledge drives too, no event necessary!

Coaches and teachers alike love PledgeStar’s donation tracking dashboard which groups students or players by their grade or sport, and further divides them based on their teacher or team.

“We raised more money than we ever raised with a single fundraiser! The families loved the fact that it only took about 15 minutes to complete the entire set up and email process.”

-Dave Strauss, Water Polo Booster

Click here to see how Pledgestar helped Corona Del Mar High School raise almost $300,000!

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