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PledgeStar makes it fun and easy to ask family and friends for donations. It’s the simplest, least expensive and most effective way to squeeze every last dollar from your Jog-A-Thons, Walk-A-Thon, Read-A-Thon or any other pledge drive.

Why PledgeStar?

Work Less

PledgeStar tracks online donations in real time, eliminating the hassle of manually entering pledges, as well as simplifying event reporting.

If your event participants get a shirt for participating, or as a prize, the size gets collected during registration and listed on the prize report.

PledgeStar gives family and friends the opportunity to donate via check. When you receive the check, simply input it into the system and PledgeStar will send the donor a “thank you” note and tax receipt. It also updates the prize report, deposit report and outstanding check report.

When your event finishes, input the number of units that each participant completed, and PledgeStar will send the their donors an email with the unit count, the amount owed, and payment instructions.

PledgeStar integrates offline donations from pledge packets into its reports at no additional charge. Entering offline donations automatically updates the prize report and the deposit report.

Raise More

PledgeStar charges 7% of online donations received up to a maximum of $995.

Upload a photo of your participant(s), then select contacts from your Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or address books, or hand enter them. PledgeStar emails and/or text messages them personalized pledge requests.

Family and friends automatically receive reminders if they haven’t yet made a donation.

For family and friends whose email address or mobile number you don’t have, extend your reach by sharing through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Schools may set their students’ starting goal that automatically increases as donations come in. This encourages students and allows them to strive for higher goals. Parents can adjust these goal settings once they sign up.

Not everyone feels comfortable donating online with a credit card. PledgeStar allows the event administrator the option to allow family and friends to also donate by check. PledgeStar can even send reminder notices to donors with outstanding checks.


If you have one or more family members participating in the event, PledgeStar will send a combined pledge request to your family and friends to avoid receiving multiple requests. Donations get divided evenly between the family members, unless they are per unit pledges (laps for a jog-a-thon, hours for a read-a-thon, etc.).

Families have a dashboard where they can monitor their pledge requests and the event administrator has a dashboard to monitor vital fundraising metrics.

  • After a donation, you receive an email notification and the donor receives a personalized “thank you” email with a payment receipt attached.
  • After the event, family and friends who made per unit pledges (laps for a jog-a-thon, hours for a read-a-thon, etc.) automatically receive an email with the unit count and amount owed along with payment instructions.
  • Donors receive an email reminder notification if their pledge check has not been received.
  • You receive an email notification if a pledge request email or text message cannot be delivered because of an incorrect address or mobile number.

In addition to flat donations, PledgeStar gives the event administrator the option to allow donors to make donations based on units completed. For example, laps at a Jog-a-Thon, or hours read during a Read-a-Thon.

PledgeStar’s intuitive and easy to use reporting tools include detailed breakdowns of prizes earned, deposits, and outstanding pledges.

After they’ve donated, your friends and family receive a “thank you” note and donation receipt for tax purposes.

How Does It Work?

We Set You Up!

PledgeStar creates a website for your group and facilitates the creation of a merchant account into which your donations get deposited. PledgeStar never handles your money.

Getting the Word Out

Participants use PledgeStar to enter family and friends from whom they’d like to solicit donations. They may also share the fundraiser on social media.  Then PledgeStar emails and/or texts those family and friends a personalized pledge request with a link to a fundraising page designed specifically for them. Your participants can track the status of each pledge request through PledgeStar.

The Fundraising Page

The fundraising page allows family and friends to enter a donation amount and choose whether to pay securely using credit card, or optionally, by sending a check.

Track Your Progress

You may track your fundraiser’s progress in real-time with PledgeStar’s event overview dashboard and reports.


What Does It Cost?

  • After your event, PledgeStar sends you an invoice for 7% of online donations received, capped at $995.
  • The credit card processor deducts 30 cents per transaction plus 2.2% of the transaction amount for Visa, MasterCard and Discover, and 3.5% for American Express. Of course, these fees do not apply for donations made by check.


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