May 03

Spring Fundraising Wrap-Up

As another school year draws to a close, we look back on a record-breaking year, and forward to new features designed to make your 2018-19 school-year fundraiser your best one yet!

This year, we helped schools and other youth organizations raise more than $20 million, with kids raising an average of $140 each. PledgeStar’s automated pledge request system helped kids solicit donations from over 1.2 million family and friends around the world.

Best of all, PledgeStar customers retained an average of 95% of what they raised, thanks to our high fundraising totals and low fee cap.

And we plan to break even more records next year with new features to help you work less and raise more:

  • Text message pledge requests allow participants to reach more family and friends resulting in a 15% fundraising increase.
  • Online email address book importing makes it even faster and easier to solicit family and friends.
  • T-shirt size collection during registration reduces event administrator headaches when ordering event t-shirts.
  • Participant reading log entry simplifies per hour (or per page) pledge calculations.
  • Administrators may add an option for donors to contribute a little extra to help offset event costs.
  • Improved donation reporting details donation counts and amounts originating from email, text message, and social media pledge requests, so you can see which works best for you.
  • View the prize report by student, or grouped by teacher or grade.

Our goal is to make the next fundraiser your best one yet. Congratulations to all our customers who worked less and raised more this past year.