Oct 01

Raising the Bar and Raising More with PledgeStar’s Online Fundraising System!

For the past 7 years The PledgeStar Online Fundraising System has helped schools, sports teams, and youth groups make the transition away from door-to-door fundraising and product sales easy, efficient, and money saving. Now, with schools and other activities starting back up under stricter guidelines this fall, the ability to fundraise from the comfort of home is more crucial than ever. Families and participants can sign up online, send out pledge requests, and start collecting donations in less than 15 minutes! Whether you are new to online fundraising or just shaking the dust off after a long lock down, here’s a few features PledgeStar recently added to its already extensive list to help make your next fundraiser the best one yet:

  • Translate Feature: Allow families and donors to translate their pages and letters to over 50 different languages.
  • Custom donor letters: Allow your participants to write their own donation request to their family and friends or use the standard template.
  • Cover Fundraising Fees: Donors can elect to cover the credit card fees or other associated fundraising fees to allow you to keep more of the intended donation.
  • Accept PayPal Payments: Allow donors to make a donation by paying with their PayPal account.
  • Custom reports: Easily identify and track any data you need to help run your fundraiser. Track online and offline pledges, prizes, repetitions, etc. in easily filterable and sortable tables, all right in your browser without any need for another program.
  • Prize List: List your prizes on the site so participants always know what they are striving for.
  • New Themes: Even more options to pick from to match the look of your fundraiser.
  • Participant Logs: If you are having a Read-A-Thon, Exercise-A-Thon, or any other event where participants need to record their activities, you may activate your participant logs so students can record their activities online.
  • Event Goals: This will create an event goal meter so your families can track the fundraisers progress.
  • Leaderboard: A group leaderboard that allows parents and participants to track how their group is doing.

For a list of more features click here. If you are looking for a specific feature that you don’t see or have any other questions please reach out to our fundraising team at info@pledgestar.com or (949) 215-4458.