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Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Youth Programs

Youth programs throughout the country count on the PledgeStar online fundraising system to help them meet their fundraising goals.

Whether you’re a part of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Y Guides, Youth Ministry, or any other organization, PledgeStar can help you raise 50% more on your next fundraiser.

Spend less time planning your fundraiser, and more time earning badges and planning club trips. With features including online address book importation, text message pledge requests, and in depth prize reports, PledgeStar takes the stress out of fundraising.

“With PledgeStar we doubled our fundraising earnings with half the effort!”

-Tom Renger, Cub Scout Pack 205

Click here to see how Pledgestar helped Cub Scout Pack 205 raise over $12,000 with PledgeStar!

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